a little bit about us…

Sassie is lively, bold, and a little feisty.  That’s what we are, and that’s embodied in our shoes and fashion for women.  A woman wants to be noticed, and nothing shows off a woman like an outstanding looking shoe.  Fashion is not just for the runway, or for the elite.  It is a woman’s statement, her shout out to the world that she matters and wants you to know it.


We started in the heart of a new era, the freedom of South Africa, a boldness born from desire and dignity.  And now we bring that soul to North America, to enliven, embolden, and create that feistiness in you.


At Sassie Finds, you will find that sassiness, and affordably.  Even the name wasn’t safe.  Sassy had to be Sassie.  Just because.  So go ahead, find your Sassie, at Sassie Finds.

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